How to Report a Fraudulent Seller to Amazon

Amazon is well aware of the scam sellers problem, but you do need to report them. Here is how to do it, thanks to Amazon Seller Rushdie for this tip.

The main reason for brevity, is to make sure your report is read and understood. Seller performance likely receives thousands of emails a day and anything to make it easier for them, will make it more efficient for you.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Possible fraudulent sellers

1. Seller's name:
Link to their storefront:

2. Seller's name:
Link to their storefront:

3. Seller's name:
Link to their storefront:

We believe above sellers are engaging in fraudulent activity. Please investigate.

Email this message to [email protected] with a list of sellers you found.

Do not use the terms, "fake" or "counterfeit".
Do not add anything to the above message.
Do not repeat names of sellers that you previously reported.
(In other words, if you are sending daily or weekly reports, do not add the same seller's name to another list.)