Fraudulent Sellers

Sellers in this list recently received more than 50% negative feedback ratings. The list was last updated on . There is also an Archive of All Fraudulent Sellers.

Often does not suspend sellers fast enough and thus they are able to receive some of the income from sales. Sellers on Amazon are paid every two weeks so if they can avoid getting suspended for longer than that the scam is successful. We have written more on How to spot a scam seller and What to do if you were scammed.

Seller name Negative Feedback
Mylights 440
yulinmeiling(beijing)kejifazhan LTD 321
Diankui Tech 190
Minllace-jp 116
Topviewer-vip 74
liu fong fu 67
yun nan chuang cheng ke ji you xian gong si 63
qing dao chong yuan 53
株式会社First penguin 58
Susimo 54
shenzhennanke 46
Hedda Francis 33
Du Wei 25
アモーカー JP 25
daikoku店 36
sisilin 26
Korea SG Trade 20
YFYJP-Market 19
SG Trade Shop 24
WszTlhL403 17
★KING★ 1,485
Daison33 16
JingDongLtd 17
CC直営店 15
tulipren 15
Cocano 15
Panasony 14
マツイ レイ 14
ling xian hua mei jian cai fu li chang 13
Captain Online 16
Wilson Japan Store 14
Minhuih 12
MaJia 11
Lychee-JP 35
Love of Hiroshima 11
superdeals-365 17
yoyodiamondpaint 11
Tvecho 配送料無料&迅速出荷 10
Wetloi 9
セミの抜け殻 9
Omartdirect 9
パーフェクトショップ 9
TeamYuva Japan 9
Atoz Merchant 18
-CITY MARKET-【年中無休・迅速発送】 11
XCY ベアボーン専門店 10
サイクル商会 9
JPTraitTech 7
A.S.N商店 11

Follow updates. We try to include all fraudulent sellers, if a seller you are looking for is missing report a fraudulent seller and we will include them. Have you checked how to spot a scam seller?