About us

In August, 2016 we noticed a rise of fraudulent sellers on Amazon. In an article titled Rise of Scam Amazon Marketplace Sellers we wrote:

Over the last month we noticed a rise in Amazon Marketplace sellers created for one purpose only - to scam people. All of them list a lot of products, have great prices, but as the orders start rolling it customers quickly realize that their products are not coming.

These sellers often offer great pricing, but after waiting for a few weeks customers realize that the product is never going to reach them. By then the seller is long gone, having taken the money leaving the customer to fight with Amazon trying to get a refund. There are new scam sellers being created every day.

The more we looked at it, the more aware we became that this is not an one-off issue, but instead a continuing effort to exploit the marketplace. And thus in December, 2016 we built Scam Sellers.

At Marketplace Pulse we have developed proprietary technology allowing us to monitor marketplaces like Amazon.com, eBay.com, Walmart, etc. By utilizing this data we built Scam Sellers to help online shoppers.

The goal for Scam Sellers is to uncover fraudulent sellers as quickly as we can (we use a variety metrics to do this), and educate customers how to avoid them in the future. We've written a guide How to spot a scam seller, and continue to provide more information.

Drop us an if you have any questions (keep in mind that we cannot help with your order, instead we have written how to contact Amazon sellers).