By analyzing Amazon marketplace sellers' feedback reviews we determine which sellers are likely to be fraudulent. These sellers often offer great pricing, but after waiting for a few weeks customers realize that the product is never going to reach them. By then the seller is long gone, having taken the money leaving the customer to fight with Amazon trying to get a refund.

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Recently customers complained about issues like "The quality of the clothes is poor and there is a big smell! ! !", "totally cheater!!!!!, never ship my item, and do not refund me!!!", "All I received was the little picture frame that says please sign. I emailed them two times and both times they said the poster was mailed. well it is now 3 weeks later still nothing. Returning the item today for refund.", "I never received the product. They were quick to refund when i complained though. They ship with no tracking though. They kept saying they would look into and felt I would eventually receive it but I didn’t. I have reordered this product from a different seller and am having the exact same issue. I can’t gelp but wonder if they might be the same people under different names. I think it’s a scam.", "These a..holes cancelled my order and never told me. What a piece of crap company. Do not ever buy anything from them!".